Create your very special evening from CHF 69.- per person

  • Thin crab tart with black sesame, guacamole flavoured with coriander
  • or
    Butternut squash velouté with Tonka bean, crispy mushrooms spring roll
  • or
    Pistachio rabbit rillettes, mulled wine jelly and leavened bread
  • Roasted cod loin buttered with ginger leeks, lemon butter
  • or
    Poultry supreme cooked at low-temperature then roasted on skin, salsify and sweet potato marmalade,
    Sarawak pepper juice
  • or
    Fried Mie noodles with vegetables, sesame and soy
  • The whole crispy chocolate
  • or
    Traditional carrot cake
  • or
    Blueberry tart with green apples, blackcurrant sorbet

Still and sparkling mineral water, coffee/tea included

Other choices of dishes with supplement
Aperitif options

Aperitif is served as of 10 people.

30 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 30 2 hours
Drinks options

Quote upon request for a wine selection to choose from our wines menu with the help of our Chef Sommelier (tasting included).

Hours extension

Staff fees included in the offer until 10 pm maximum.
The option can be extended until 2 am (or 4am on Fridays and Saturdays only) for an additional fee as follows:

Choice of animations

DJ & lightings

  • Professional DJ during your event
  • Complete sound system
  • Lighting system, dance floor and ambiance lighting in the room.
CHF 2'270.-

Magician – Mentalist – Illusionnist

  • Many references of prestigious evenings
  • Close-up show
CHF 1’355.-

Cheat table animation

  • 1 authentic professional game table provided for CARO / Black Jack
  • 2 hours of animation
  • Accessories, pots, tokens and cards included
CHF 1’590.-

Ice sculpting

  • Live demonstration / logo creation
  • Accessories & ice cubes included
  • Realization of 1 or 2 sculptures
CHF 2’205.-

Casino animation / prestige casino

  • Game table
  • Croupier or croupière in Prestige Casino uniform
  • 3 hours of animation
  • 1 extra hour of gaming
  • Accessories, pots, tokens and cards included
CHF 1’295.-

Selfie box animation

  • Photo booth « selfie box » DSLR high quality camera
  • Personalization of the picture frame
  • 400 photos 10x15 expendable for direct printing
CHF 2’005.-

Live music band

  • Jazz duo
  • Other live music band – quote upon request
CHF 1’800.-

Cigars animation

  • Cigar Bar during the evening
  • Butler service and cigars included
CHF 500.-

Caviar animation

  • History and presentation of the Kasperskian house
  • Tasting of Caviar With Life
Quote upon request
Floral decoration

Standard floral decoration included in the estimated amount (centerpieces and small floral arrangements for high tables). For any additional decoration to the existing one, proposal and estimate on request.

AV Equipment

For any other technical material, proposal and estimate on request.

Estimation CHF 00.-
Salon assignement (CHF PRICES)

The salon assignement process is based on the total estimated of your expenses. In order to benefit from a larger choice of salons, we suggest you to select more options. You can choose below the salon you would like to reserve. Please be so kind to note that our team will confirm your final assignment according to our availability.

At Restaurant-Hotel Parc des Eaux-Vives Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Veranda and brasserie
First floor
Salons Leman, Rouge, Petit and anglais
Full privatization of the establishment
At Hotel Metropole Geneva Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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